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    Episode 10: If Nothing Else…

    What positive outcomes can come from podcasting? Justine reflects on what kind of response she’s gotten so far from loved ones about having a podcast, how she deals with her biggest critic (she’s small but packs a mean look of disgust), and what it takes to try something new.

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    Episode 9: So You Want to Teach Sex Ed (SYW)

    “How can I bring my school’s sex ed program into the 21st century?” Justine led a workshop in November 2021 with the Massachusetts Healthy Youth Consortium (MAHYC), an advocacy organization, discussing how to bring comprehensive sexuality education to the elementary level in the modern era.

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    Episode 8: Sibling Rivalry

    In this third episode of the series with her grandmothers, Justine considers what makes it possible to have strong bonds with your sister. Justine talks with Louise about her close relationship with her sister, Eleanor, with her dad about her own sisters, and we listen in as Eleanor leads a family cinnamon roll tutorial.

The Host

Justine Hair Uhlenbrock (she/her) is a registered nurse, sexuality educator, and a lifelong learner.

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